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Redflex Smart Pole

The Smart Pole™ offers a modern option for fixed enforcement equipment such as speed cameras or ANPR. It enables quick and effortless access to the device at ground level.

  • Custom contemporary design, to fit your equipment and brand
  • No ladders required
  • Full ground level access to system
  • 15 year anticorrosion warranty
  • Reduced vandalism opportunities
  • High security MUL-T-LOCK locking mechanism & keys
  • Manufactured to BS EN ISO9001 standards to ensure quality and reliability
Crown Internationals Redflex Smart Pole


Crown International have a large client base in a wide rage of fields, these include:

siemens Balfour Beatty Atkins Gatsometer Network Rail Redflex Serco Jenoptik Red Speed Truvelo

During the launch of the Smart Pole™ range at Crown’s first Traffex exhibition in 2007 Redflex expressed a keen interest in the new design pole, its many benefits both to its clients & engineers. Immediately following the exhibition in 2007 Crown set to work on a bespoke Redflex speed camera Smart Pole™ design & prototype. Within a week of receiving the prototype at the Redflex Headquarters (Australia) an order was placed for 24 poles destination Qatar in the Middle East. This was quickly followed by a further 68 poles for Qatar all of which are now installed on site. In its first year (since starting the design) Redflex have installed well over one hundred Smart Poles™ in a variety of counties ranging from the UK to New Zealand.

In 2008 Redflex officially added the Smart Pole™ to there range of products. At Intertraffic 2008 in Amsterdam Redflex appeared with a comprehensive range of digital enforcement systems, a major new innovation on the Redflex stand is the company’s SmartPole™, a next generation of a combined camera head and counterbalanced system for the worldwide market, designed in partnership with Crown International. According to John Harris, Redflex business development director, Smart Pole™ offers the ability to have “fit and forget” camera technology or the more traditional semi-mobile camera system, where cameras and dummies are interchanged. “All camera operations are carried out at the technicians eye level,” says John Harris.