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Gantry Pole

The Gantry Pole is attached to a gantry and holds equipment such as signals over a railway or motorway at a visible level. It also allows the equipment to be hand wound up to the gantry for maintenance and cleaning.

  • Safe access to equipment hung off of a gantry
  • Maintenance of equipment with out the need to shut down motorways or railways
  • Completely hand driven mechanism
  • Multiple Applications -  CCTV, Tolling, ANPR
  • Bespoke sizes available on request
Crown Internationals Gantry Pole


Crown International have a large client base in a wide rage of fields, these include:

siemens Balfour Beatty Atkins Gatsometer Network Rail Redflex Serco Jenoptik Red Speed Truvelo

From 2001 Crown worked closely with Network Rail in designing a gantry signal post based on a counterbalanced design – giving the train driver a clearer sighting of the signal and the maintainer similar Health and Safety enhancements. Over 300 of these units have been installed on the West Coast line.

The Crown Gantry Mounted Counter-Balanced Signal Support Post is installed in a vertical position on a gantry. The post mounting brackets have a number of location points allowing the post height to be adjusted (vertically) to achieve the ground to signal head clearance required for signal sighting.

The Crown Gantry Post provides robust support for various combinations of signal head equipment. The function of the post is to provide improved safe access to the signal head equipment for maintenance purposes.

The post is relatively maintenance-free and incorporates a number of ‘duplicated’ safety features to safeguard personnel and equipment when carrying out maintenance activities.

The post is designed to comply with British Standards, BD51/98 Portal and Cantilever Sign and Signal structures, and relevant Railway Group and company Standards.

This pole is often used on railway engineering projects in conjunction with our CESS Pole.

Product design and operation overview

  1. The Gantry post signal head equipment, mounted on a signal head platform (moveable carriage) is connected, via a chain and sprocket mechanism, to a moveable counter-balance weight carriage.
  2. The signal head carriage is fitted with a wheel-block (roller) assembly that runs in guide rail channels formed by the post structure.
  3. The chain and sprocket mechanism and counter-balance weights ensure that minimum effort is required to raise or lower the signal head into position.
  4. The chain and sprocket mechanism and counter-balance carriage are located inside the post which has a lockable door. The door allows access to the counter-balance mechanism and, when fully closed and locked, ensures the signal head remains in its fully lowered Operating Position.
  5. Two dampers, located at the top of the post, one mounted inside the post parallel to raise/lower hand-wheel, and the other just below the post end cap, cushion the signal head from a hard impact when it is raised or lowered to the full extent of its travel.