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Crown Pole

The Crown Pole™ is the most successful roadside safety camera, the key to its success is the counter balance system that allows the user to effortlessly lower the enclosed equipment to ground level for safe maintenance and access

  • Proven quality in manufacture and design with over 6000 installations
  • No ladders required
  • Full ground level access to system
  • 15 year anticorrosion warranty
  • High security MUL-T-LOCK locking mechanism & keys
Crown Internationals Crown Pole


Crown International have a large client base in a wide rage of fields, these include:

siemens Balfour Beatty Atkins Gatsometer Network Rail Redflex Serco Jenoptik Red Speed Truvelo

Unique design features have made the Crown Pole™ the most successful roadside safety camera enclosure, both in the UK and worldwide. With over 6000 installations it established Crown International as a world leader in the design and manufacture of both poles and cabinets for the roadside safety market. We supply all major speed camera vendors with the CrownPole™ along with client specific cabinets, including Gatso/Serco, Truvelo, Redflex and Robot.

It uses a counter balance system to lower the client’s equipment to ground level for effortless and safe maintenance of their equipment. This simple mechanism is still operational on installations over 15 years old.

This same mechanism is so reliable that it has been used in the newly developed Smart Pole, the Smart Pole is a modernised version of the Crown Pole that offers greater vandalism protection and a contemporary aesthetic.