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Combined Equipment Cabinets (CEC Type Cabinet)

Combined Equipment Cabinets (CEC's) have been introduced for use on motorways. The Highways Agency previously used a multi-cabinet system.

  • Designed to MCE-1227 specification for CEC's
  • Modular system allows a variety of configurations & sizes
  • Custom designed bays on request
  • Welded stainless steel construction
  • High security Mul-T-Lock with  multi-positional lock bars
  • Locking system with cabinet/bay access restrictions
  • Anti-vibration equipment mounting
  • Internal hinges
CEC Combined Equipment Cabinets


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Modular Cabinet Construction

The Crown CEC cabinet has been designed to allow a host of different configurations, this is achieved with a simple modular bay system. A range of different bay types are available and these bays can be bolted together to form a variety of different cabinet configurations.

This system means that we can construct a cabinet to suit the desired specification without having to customise the design for each configuration. This also means a cabinet can be altered to allow it to be used for a different or additional purpose.

Cabinet Bays

Each bay has been designed for a different purpose and can include 19″ racking, a simple back board or an array of shelving and 19-inch racking. Custom bay designs are also available on request.

Individual bays can be open into its neighbouring bay or can be sealed off and have different keys, allowing control over access to different equipment for different departments or companies.

Cabinet Design Features

The Crown Combined Equipment Cabinets have been designed to meet the MCE-1227 specification for Combined Equipment Cabinets, and have the following key features:

  • Modular bay system to allow flexibly in configuration
  • Welded stainless steel construction, but also available in galvanised and painted mild steel on request
  • Powder coated or wet painted to any colour in the RAL and BS4800 range
  • Manufactured to BS EN ISO9001 standards to ensure quality and reliability
  • High security Mul-T-Lock Cylinder & Key + Euro Shutter Locking System with S/S Multi-positional throw bars, however custom locking systems and remote locking systems can be fitted on request
  • Individual bays can be open into the next bay or it can be sealed off. Each bay can also have a grand master locking system to control access to equipment for different departments or companies
  • Custom designed bays available on request
  • Anti-vibration equipment rack mountings to reduce shock on equipment
  • Front and rear access is available on most bay styles
  • Internal hinges for added security
  • Keyed access to inside the plinth via individual removable panels
  • High quality rubber seals